Star Sapphire: body, essence, male and female

with Moumina

There’s a very direct route to experiencing presence: your body!

Even when the mind gets lost in pain and worry, the body remains spontaneous and alive. So this workshop starts with the body. It steps right past the censorship of the critical mind and liberates a great source of vitality. We will come into connection with a wellspring that is fresh and new moment to moment.
Starting from this body-connectedness, we will explore the two polarities of male and female inside us. Whether we have to deal with difficulties in our relationships or make choices affecting our work and daily life, we will discover that this inner polarity reveals resources and new creative possibilities that our logical mind would have no access to.  
This is an aspect of Star Sapphire Energywork, a method to support the inner essence of a person. This essence is like a presence, a luminosity, or an awareness of the present moment. Meditation is the milieu, the relaxed watchfulness, within which this essence arises.

03 Feb 2023 - 05 Feb 2023
(46) 076-0455-299