flowing energy

Psychic Massage Training Part 1
Love, presence, and massage techniques

with Vartan

Physical contact carries the potential of a much deeper communication than what we normally imagine and accept as a limit: touching is a bridge between two essences, it is a door into the infinite space and subtle energies of the heart.  In such a dimension, for both sides, presence and vitality are deeply nourished.

In a caring and relaxing way, we will discover how to prepare for a massage and how to let it unfold.  Using as a basis the techniques of California Massage, we will learn to touch the whole body: which strokes to use, how much pressure to exert, and when to release it.  We will also learn the appropriate direction of our strokes so that we can fully respect the flow of energy and liquids in the body.

Massaging with love and presence, we find ourselves becoming one with a river of life that flows silently, uninterruptedly, gracefully, playfully, and joyously.  According to an ancient Sufi saying, “Existence has no other hands than ours for doing things.”  We will try to make ourselves available.

This course will include guided meditation, dance, anatomy studies, awareness exercises in pairs and session exchanges. Persons who take this course will experience deeper contact with oneself and one‘s own sensitivity, while learning to give and receive through the physical body.


  • connecting with the heart
  • learning massage strokes
  • balancing technique and love
  • keeping a relaxed body posture
  • moving fluidly when we work
  • being present and receptive
  • providing a frame for the session


"Touch is one of the most forgotten languages.  Massage is needed in the world because love has disappeared.  So, with deep reverence, prayer, learn this art."




22 Sep 2021 - 26 Sep 2021
Tuscany, Italy
+39 0577 960124