flowing energy

Psychic Massage Training 3

with Vartan

Psychic Massage is a precise method which helps you to effectively share love through bodywork. In this part of the training, you increase your precision by learning to do a brief energy check of the feet and seven chakras at the beginning of the session.

This check will show you quickly which parts of the body are like open doors, allowing love to enter, and by contrast, which parts of the body are engaged in the past and future so much that they cannot absorb a gift in the present moment.

According to this energy check you will make a decision about which parts of the body to massage and which parts dont need to be touched. For the first time you will be selective and not massage the body in its entirety, because you will focus on parts that can yield a response.
While you massage the selected parts, you make a reading of the subtle energies under your hands. It is a reading of personality characteristics, which will convey to you a fixed form that the person has created for many reasons, in childhood or even in past lives, but which may be outmoded for the life he actually wants to lead now.
Your intention is not at all to change the fixed form that you see.

Psychic Massage is an effortless work: you are simply establishing the conditions in which awareness can happen.

The client feels himself accepted as he is, and this causes him to relax deeply and to have more trust. Once you feel this trust, you can tell the clientin the right moment and in a supportive way aspects of what you have seen. Because of the atmosphere you create, the client may find himself releasing the muscles which contracted during past traumas or conditionings; the tears which were unshed start to flow, and the love which was inhibited finds a channel of expression.
This course is open to anyone who has at least eight days of professional training in massage and also substantial experience in meditation. Admission is by interview.

MODULE 3: Topics

  • resonance: a meeting of two beings in meditation
  • energy reading: receiving feelings, images, non-verbal messages
  • chakras: recognising strength and capacity in respective areas
  • ego structures: being playful with resistance
  • relationship: understanding its dynamics
  • underpinning: touching the source of discomfort
  • inner male and female: helping them maintain presence
  • speaking: healing through words

26 Sep 2022 - 02 Oct 2022
OSHO Miasto, Italy