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Star Sapphire male - female Energywork Part 2
expand the space of presence

with Amar Leela

Star Sapphire male-female Energywork - part 2

Here you will continue to deepen the re-balancing between your inner male and female roots. You will also deepen your space of Presence as an essential background for your everyday life and for working with people in any work context you may find yourself.

You will start to learn some initial technical, theoretical and practical elements of the Star Sapphire method and you will acquire a wider understanding of the inner relational dynamics. You will find an overview of the possible growth developments through the re-balancing of opposite poles.

With simple exercises you will be guided to begin the exploration of your psychic abilities for energy reading and to familiarise yourself with the concept of "resonance" and the sensitivity to perceive it in yourself and in others.

You can not give anything to others that you have not given to yourself.”

Price: 390 Euro, for early bird until 9th of September - 360 Euro
Information and registration:
Aneta: aneta.mladenova@gmail.com +359 886 600 422

19 Oct 2022 - 23 Oct 2022
Sofia, Bulgaria
00 359 886 600 422