Inner Man Inner Woman
returning to authenticity

with Jivan

Everywhere we look in nature we find opposite energies. Day and night. Life and death. Positive and negative. Male and female. We are born out of a meeting of the opposites: from a man and a woman.

The same two opposite energies are inside of us, in our inner man and inner woman. Each of these sides has its own unique characteristics, rhythms and expressions. These two energies are part of nature, and they are able to flow together naturally and effortlessly, allowing space for each other. However, most of us have become unnatural. We’ve had conditionings that have caused us fall out of tune with our authenticity. We have been led to believe that one side has better qualities than the other, making one side dominant.

This inevitably creates problems in life . The second side (half of us!) is forced to withdraw its energy and hold back its creativity. It’s as if we are walking on only one leg through life. When we become disconnected from life’s natural balance, we lose Nature’s rhythm and our authenticity. When only one side of us is functioning, there are feelings of loneliness, exhaustion, frustration, and unavoidable troubles in relationships.

In this weekend workshop, you will explore both your female and male energies, and you will find out which one is dominant, and you will get to know a side of yourself that has been more hidden. Through playful exercises and meditations, each energy will have the opportunity to express itself and be listened to. Authenticity happens. When each side is allowed to express itself, a feeling of joyful totality arises.

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03 Nov 2023 - 05 Nov 2023
Stockholm, Sweden