Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork

with Moumina
Star Sapphire

Inner man Inner woman

Each one of us has a unique male and female side, two poles that are
expressions of our inner being. Just as in the outer world, the
inner relationship between these two is often out of balance, with one
side taking charge and having more expression in our lives. The other
side becomes more hidden and less developed. The deeper qualities of
the two sides are usually covered over by learned behaviours. This
affects all areas of our life, our relationships, our creativity and the daily
choices we make.

Luckily the inner Male and female are real physical energies that can be
contacted through our bodies, and are not imaginary or fantasy
characters. In this workshop we will start by connecting to our bodies
both through dance and through relaxation. This gives us a sensitive and
living ground from which to explore our inner polarity.

Using awareness exercises we will explore relationship patterns and find
out what happens when we are present and true to ourselves rather
than trying to please or fight with the other.

Through guided meditations we will then discover the particular male
and female characters that we have inside us. Each energy will have the
chance to express itself and be experienced as an alive and living
presence. When each side is allowed to express itself, it brings relief to
many old tensions in our psyche. A doorway is opened to presence,
relaxation and acceptance.

11 Aug 2023 - 14 Aug 2023
Belo Horizonte
00 55 (61) 99117-3919