Free Live Event
Introduction to Energywork Training

The first post pandemic Star Sapphire Energywork Training will take place this October and lasts two weeks from the 13th to the 28th, at the Osho Risk Meditation Centre in Denmark. Join us for a free 1-hour Zoom session to get a taste of what Star Sapphire is about, and to learn more about the upcoming Energywork Training.​

●● For who is this event?

It is meant for anyone who would like to know more about this work, or for anyone who has already experienced a Star Sapphire session, individually or in a group.

●● What will happen in this event?

👋 Introduction – meet the hosts & facilitators of the training, Moumina, Leela & Safar

💎 ​ Guided Meditation - starting our online evening workshop with a meditation that will connect you directly with your inner male and inner female parts

💞 Sharing – a sharing about what was experienced will follow ​

💭 Q&A – get to know the team who will conduct the Energywork Training, and receive more information about the training and the venue, Osho Risk, Denmark

📨 Register now to join this FREE workshop:

Date: Thursday 30th May
Time: 19.30 CET
Where: Zoom
Register: send an e-mail to info@starsapphire.e

Deadline for registration to join the online event is May 28th


The training is conducted in a loving atmosphere, where humour, intensity and relaxation are important ingredients.
It can be taken to enhance one's own therapeutic technique or as a personal exploration - an inner pilgrimage.

In the Energywork Training you will:

🔥 Find a new gestalt, a fresh approach to change, transformation and inner well-being. The parts of us that are conscious, that have a yes to life, open a door for bigger change, for easier access to the resources we carry inside. Presence offers an alternative to striving and effort

🔥 Experience the inner polarity, and see how the male and female energies take their rightful place in life. You will find a way to nourish a more permanent state of love that is maturing inside of you. An inner dialogue opens up

🔥 Learn how to give a full Star Sapphire session to clients

🔥 Learn how to give energy readings and reveal dynamics between the inner male and female part of your client

🔥 Learn about the 3 life pillars of inner growth/meditation, work and relationship, their interdependence, and how they influence each other

🔥 Explore the inner dynamic, shifting the focus from outer obsessions. The method is not only about particular techniques and when to use them. It shows which desires, beliefs, or karmic tensions cause difficulties in relationship or professional creativity

Read more about the training here: Trainings - Osho Risk

“ There are no words to express the depth of Energywork also called Star Sapphire, Inner Man-Inner Woman.
It has not only changed my has saved my life!
This training is for those who long to live from a place of truth, creativity and joy.” – Jivan, Licensed Therapist trained in Star Sapphire & Family Constellations


There are a number of Star Sapphire workshops and group seminars happening around Europe and Brazil in the coming months. You can find more information about events here:

30 May 2023 - 30 May 2023
on line live Zoom