Psychic Massage Training 5

with Vartan

Psychic Massage Training 5

from September 12th at 10:00

to September 17th at 16:30


In this part of the Training you learn how to keep your energy fresh and loving even when, at times, there is no receptivity in a part of the body you are massaging.

The Psychic Massage is strongly aimed at the parts of the body open to presence. It does not try to change the client or want him to be different, rather it develops through an encounter from being to being. When the client’s being receives nourishment, love and trust grow in that sensitive part of the body and can indirectly affect the nearby and still closed parts of the body, making them more relaxed and available for reconciliation. Therefore, when you meet the open parts of the body, you share your energy freely and when you meet the closed parts of the body, you circulate the energy within you rather than in the exchange.

In the other modules you learned the appropriate movements to massage, you repeated those movements several times, paying more and more attention to the energy impact of your massage. By massaging the muscles, you penetrate the recipient’s body not only from a physical point of view, but also from an energetic one.

Now you are able to feel if massaging a specific part of the body produces an effect on the person as a whole. The more the energy flow is free to flow into the recipient’s body, the more complete your session can be. You are more aware of the pace and quality of your movements.

You are practicing experiencing “Wei-Wu-Wei” – action through inaction: outwardly there is movement and inwardly nothing happens, because you are not the doer. When this experience happens, your action is effortless and the person receiving the massage is moved by feelings of awe, wonder and deep satisfaction in simply being himself.

Also in this module we will use guided meditations, dance, massage techniques, awareness exercises in pairs and exchange sessions. We will learn how and when to energetically penetrate the body, deepening the sensitivity and attention to rhythm. This training is suitable for people who want to learn to act effortlessly while remaining fluid and avoiding getting tired.

12 Sep 2023 - 17 Sep 0223
OSHO Miasto - Tuscany, Italy
OSHO Miasto - Tuscany, Italy