Energywork Training 1 2023

This is the ground course for Star Sapphire Energywork. It is concerned with the growth and maturity of the inner being.

Energywork is a Taoist approach to self-study, where you relax into the moment and notice that life has created a here-and-now event. That event may be inside your body—as an experience or a feeling. It may also be outside your body—as the sunlight, the wind, the trees, the friends. You become a witness to that which happens by itself. You live in trust and appreciation for what life chooses to provide.

In this training, you will work with other people, learning through their bodies as well as your own what this “resting on the river” is all about. First you learn to read your partner’s energyfield by means of a “resonance check.” From this 10-minute meditative meeting, you can tell which parts of the partner’s body are already relaxing in a “yes” to life. Also, you can tell which desires, beliefs, and karmic tensions are causing the person’s difficulties in relationship or professional creativity.

This training teaches you how to respond to their concerns in such a way that their spirit relaxes and expands.

Sometimes you are on the receiving end of a session exchange, exploring your own questions while the partner is attentive. You learn about the inner drama going on between your own male and female aspects. In this training, each of them gets support to find its own roots and its own form of expression. When they are both capable of self-trust, love flows naturally between them.

Resting, awareness, and totality are the keys by which you can uncover this natural delight. Embracing the opposites, you can feel for the first time the permanent state of love that is slowly maturing inside of you.

13 Oct 2023 - 28 Oct 2023
Osho Risk, Denmark