Energywork Training 2

This training is the second step towards learning to work with the Star Sapphire method, both in assisting others and in reaching to the depths of yourself.

Star Sapphire proposes that life in human beings—as in all of nature—is produced by two opposite electrical poles, negative and positive. In people the roots of these opposite polarities can be directly contacted through the two legs: the right leg carries the male energy, and the left leg is female. When you give a Star Sapphire session to a partner in this training, you learn how to invite self-respect, relaxation, and trust in their inner polarities, male and female, which subsequently creates health in their outer relationships.

Basic to the Star Sapphire vision is the idea that relating, meditation, and creativity (work) are all inter-connected. In this training you learn to untie the hidden bind that is causing a disturbance in one of these three areas. And often the resolution is to be found in a different aspect of the circle. For example, when someone comes to you with a relationship problem, the solution may have to do with their work. Or when work is not satisfying, the solution may have to do with meditation.

This training teaches you to diagnose the root of someone’s problem, and then to make a response. You choose a device by which your partner can see what you have seen in the energy reading. You work in an atmosphere where the person can achieve clarity and a vision of their own strength and love. And as truth unfolds, both of you will know—without having to mention it directly—which life direction is leading to deeper fulfillment and maturity.

Techniques included in this training:

  • dialogue between the male and female polarities
  • conversation with one or both eyes
  • childhood regression
  • pastlife regression
  • definition of creative potential
  • making the session round

04 Mar 2022 - 21 Mar 2022