What Is Psychic Massage?

Psychic Massage is a meeting of two beings. It is a oneness in spirit. And because the essence of the client is touched or activated, he or she experiences a deep relaxation that is not only physical but also spiritual. There is a feeling of being at home again, very much like the relief you feel after a long journey when you return to the place where you have put down roots. It is exactly the feeling of being rooted, connected to some ineffable center of existence, where everything is at ease and nothing has gone wrong.

There are three important aspects to a Psychic Massage session. The first is an energy check of the feet and the seven chakras, where the practitioner is seeking to discover those parts of the client’s body which are already in tune with his own state of meditation. These parts will be supported during the session, by direct physical contact and by invitations which increase their extension.

The second aspect is a psychic reading of the body parts not yet in harmony with the spirit. These will carry past memories of traumatic events, or conditionings imposed during childhood, or false beliefs absorbed from the cultural surroundings. The practitioner might speak during the session about any of these which is preventing the client’s natural expression.

The third aspect is the physical massage itself. Bodywork skills are used to give the client a new opportunity to contact the energies locked in the muscles, fascia, and joints. The entire energetic system is enlivened. Psychic Massage chooses particular parts of the body to focus on, depending on the degree of openness or closure in the chakras, and according to the position of the “underpinning,” an old choice to isolate or “separate” oneself that is present in almost everyone as the basis of the ego.

The purpose of a Psychic Massage session is not to remove blocks or difficulties. The purpose is to increase the amount of relaxation, celebration, and joy in the body parts that already have a positive inclination, so that this quality becomes proportionately larger. The body parts that are more frozen automatically become affected by this new warmth, so that without any direct confrontation or intervention, their fear and tension dissolve almost unnoticeably.